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National Parks UK has a 4-step guide for people thinking of visiting a National Park during COVID-related restrictions.

Find the link to our COVID-19 information page below.

1. Know and follow the latest Government advice

Advice and laws are different in England, Scotland and Wales. Find the latest advice from national Governments on our COVID-19 information page.

2. Plan ahead – check the latest local information

For you to be safe it is essential you seek the specific local guidance of any National Park you wish to visit via their website. You can find links on our COVID-19 information page.

3. If it feels too crowded, it is too crowded

We all know what social distancing means and how to do it. Keep plans flexible to make sure that happens.

4. Be kind out there

We’ve all had it tough. Let’s stay kind.
Kind to other visitors.
Kind to local residents.
Kind to National Parks employees.
And now, more than ever, forever. Let’s be kind to nature.

See more advice and links to inspirational resources and information on our COVID-19 page

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