National parks are beautiful and inspiring places to live and work. Working with a national park authority let's you be part of looking after the landscapes, wildlife and communities that together form such individual and unique areas of countryside.

We believe in giving our staff a real work-life balance, and as local authorities National Park Authorities offer the following to most job posts:

  • Flexi-time working hours
  • 20 - 25 days annual leave; additional days added with length of employment
  • Local Government pension scheme
  • Local Government maternity and paternity leave
  • Professional training and career development; in-house, at our two environmental education centres and through external courses

What kind of jobs are there with national park authorities?

There are many different jobs available with national park authorities. Below are just a few of the different kinds of posts we offer, with information about what the job involves and what kind of skills and experience you need to apply.

If you want to see job vacancies available right now, see our National Parks jobs page.