The Moorland Indicators of Climate Change Initiative (MICCI) is a UK-wide project that has been developed to give secondary school students the opportunity to take part in real world climate science – helping to make concepts learned in the classroom come to life.

Students from schools in or close to UK National Parks visit moorland or other peatland areas to carry out activities in the field which have been carefully designed to help monitor the health of these sites.

Set up in 2009, led the Peak District National Park Learning and Discovery team, the initiative is now one aspect of Community Science - a long-term project run by the Moors for the Future Partnership enabling local communities to monitor the effects of climate change on the health of internationally important moorland landscapes.

Participating in MICCI consists of making a half-day field trip during British Science Week in March.

During the trip students can take part in ten different experiments designed to see how moorlands or other peatlands are changing over time; whilst also exploring scientific methods and the relationship between weather, climate changes, carbon and water cycles, plants and wildlife – and the human environment.

The datasets collected by students can not only be used as part of your school curriculum, but will feed into existing long-term scientific monitoring work being carried out by Moors for the Future Partnership to inform the conservation of moorland and blanket bog habitat.