If you want to take part in the MICCI project here is a step-by-step guide to everything you’ll need to do:

1. Prepare for your visit in the classroom

If you haven’t already, make contact with your nearest National Park. See the ‘MICCI partners’ page for a list of Parks currently involved in MICCI, and arrange your visit during British Science Week.

Although the National Park team will provide most equipment, in preparation for your visit students can assist by constructing wind vanes to bring along and record wind direction. These are cheap and easy to construct, and we recommend following these instructions.

2. Download your resources

The MICCI Guidance Document gives detailed information and instructions about the experiments to be carried out during the field trip.

Results recording forms:

Site recording form

Quadrat form (you’ll need 3 copies of this)

3. Gather your equipment

The National Park team will provide most of the equipment needed to carry out the experiments, but you will need to gather the following:

  • Essential - all sites will be very wet underfoot so all students MUST bring waterproof footwear and warm waterproof clothing. Please see the risk assessment template for further information.  
  • Schools will need to produce a risk assessment; here is a template which can be used - template risk assessment
  • Data permission form for use of images - template data permission form
  • Digital camera

4. Carry out your field visit

5. Upload your results

You will need to scan and upload your completed recording forms, plus any photographs using our results submission page.