Mission:Explore National Parks

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It's time to explore!

49 missions that dare you to discover our National Parks.

This book will challenge you to become an extreme explorer, natural navigator and wildlife watcher in our National Parks.

Draw, rub, smear, write, colour and print your findings inside this book to create a unique field journal of your adventures.

Just £5 per book, available in English and Welsh language versions.

"What a wonderful resource! Mission:Explore and the National Parks have developed a really imaginative way of re-engaging children with nature. Through its wacky drawings and irreverent tone, this book effectively gets across a fundamental truth: exploring our natural world is FUN!"

Nick Gardner, Project Dirt

"Mission:Explore is cool, exciting and just plain fun!"

National Geographic

"Mission:Explore is like bringing along a nanny with endless patience and a James Bond fixation"

The Sunday Times

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(Postage costs are £2 for less than 5 books, £4 for 5 books, and £8 for 10 or more books.)